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Our Story

Serai Malaya Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star Medik Sdn Bhd under the auspicious Star Medik Group. Star Medik  Group is a diversified company prominently known in the medical industries, especially Ventilators Distribution,  Medical Devices Manufacturing, and Export. Star Medik is The Exclusive Distributor of Switzerland Based  Hamilton Ventilator, which includes clinical, technical support, and training to all Hospitals and Health Care Centres in Malaysia and Brunei. Star Medik is also a global manufacturer of Prefilled Bubble Humidifiers, currently exporting to over 20 countries worldwide. Serai Malaya Sdn Bhd was formed to focus on agro-based production and manufacturing of Serai (Lemongrass).   This diversification into Food & Beverages (F&B) Industry, centering on Lemongrass, was inspired by the lacked of supplies, especially in Lemongrass downstream products globally. The active ingredient in Lemongrass is also widely used in many applications, not only in F&B but also in healthcare and personal care, including cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals. Serai Malaya also plays a big part in Star Medik Group Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives. Planted abundantly in hot tropical weather, the lemongrass growers are mainly dominated by rural low-income villagers. Serai Malaya introduces a contract farming program and continuous economic and technical support under Inclusive Business (IB) Program, which in the long run, helps improvise and alleviate villagers’ economic status.

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Inclusive Business

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Serai Malaya has been the catalyst for the local economy that provides employment opportunities to the locals and creates economic opportunities for suppliers and villagers. Serai Malaya identified the main components in the Inclusive Business framework, starting from identifying and selecting dedicated participants, visiting and inspecting farms, advisory, and training, cultivation and harvesting, until the end process of product delivery and payment.

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